Books as souvenirs are the key to deep deep nostalgia and reliving one’s favourite vacations over and over. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve reached for a romance novel I bought while vacationing in Bar Harbor in the dead of Ottawa winter.

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I dig this whole train of thought. Typically I read 20 or so prose books a year but this year I want to try to do either 30 or 10 ones that I’m just super into and want to reread…leaning toward the 10.

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HhhH is one of the best of books. I'm so glad you found it!

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I recall going through a Gillian Flynn phase in 2018 when the HBO Sharp Objects series came out and I read all her books. I ordered The Grownup on amazon and feeling ripped off when it arrived and was not in fact a novel but a long short story

I think you should also change the name of this substack to Flag Bang, as it sounds way cooler and sexier in reverse.

When is your next novel coming out?

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HHhH is also super cheap on BookOutlet.com. So I picked it up based on your recommendation. Thanks.

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